The Salespanel browser extension is used for three purposes:

It shows you push notifications when leads are captured and when they perform activities on your website or open your tracked emails.

Real-time alerts

It captures and tracks leads from your sales emails from Gmail.

Email Tracking

You can get newsletter tracking links from the Chrome extension. We integrate with popular newsletter softwares for click tracking. Chrome extension will turn green whenever you are working with your email campaign tool. You can click on it, provide your link to be tracked and copy the tracking URL. This tracking URL can be used anywhere in the newsletter.

Salespanel newsletter tracking

You can install the browser extension from the Chrome Web Store:

Salespanel browser extension helps you to keep in touch with your leads. You have to warm up leads in a traditional workflow. With Salespanel's browser extension you can catch already warmed up leads with real-time activity alerts.

We are continuously upgrading exprience of our browser extension. If you have any feedback or feature request, please get in touch.

Let us know if you have any questions.
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