Sometimes for some reasons Salespanel is not able to verify your tracking code. For example, due to your site firewalls, our bot is not able to open your website. These easy to troubleshoot instructions can be useful.


Easiest way to confirm if the tracking code is working or not is to go to your website and check if there was a session in Salespanel's anonymous section.

Go to your website.
Open any web page.
Come back and check your Anonymous visitor section.
Try to verify the tracking code again.


Follow the general steps.
If you are using any cache plugin to speed up your website, please make sure you have cleared your website cache.

Google Tag Manager

Please make sure that your Salespanel tracking code is in the correct GTM id. GTM-xxxxx This should be the one which is deployed on your production website.
Don't forget to check "Support document.write" while creating the tag.
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