Does a lead’s score get updated if I add a new rule or modify existing rules?

Once you add new lead scoring rules to your account or modify existing rules, the changes get deployed immediately. All new leads start undergoing your new lead scoring criteria. However, the score for an older lead is only updated when the lead performs its next activity.
The lead score of a cold lead who has stopped engaging with your website or emails won’t be updated.

If a lead performs a trigger action multiple times, does the score get awarded for every duplicate action?

Salespanel only counts score for each unique action per lead. For example, if you set up a trigger to give 20 points to a lead who visits the pricing page on your website, Salespanel will only assign 20 points for the first pricing page visit. The rest of the pricing page visits from the user will be disregarded for score calculation. The activities, however, will still be logged for the contact and will be visible on the contact details page.

Can I filter out leads who have a higher score than the minimum threshold?

Yes, you can do this by creating a Feed with a filter option for Lead Score. Add your desired minimum score and save the Feed. For example, if you want to filter out leads with a score higher than 50, select Lead Score - Greater Than - 50. When a lead passes the desired score, he will be added to the Feed. You can also send these leads to your CRM or email marketing tools.

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