When you have Salespanel tracking code installed your all leads are being tracked but you would like to identify them as much as possible from all channels to help them serve better and convert better.

Many leads prefer to identify themselves on your support chat application but then you don't have much information about their source, which campaign they came from, what they have been looking for etc.

Salespanel can automatically capture visitors from your live chat software as soon as they provide their email on the lead form of your favorite chat software. In this article, we will explain how you can set it up for Olark.

Salespanel captures and tracks both new visitors who fill out the Olark form and old visitors who are already identified by Olark. To start capturing these visitors, you will need to add an extra snippet of code under the Salespanel tracking code that is already on your website.

<script type="text/javascript">
olark('api.visitor.getDetails', function(details){
// Check for an email address
if (details.emailAddress) {
$salespanel.push(["set", "identify:email", details.emailAddress, 'olark'])
console.log('sp:error: Olark get details failed');

How it works

Lead visits your website.
Lead fills out the Olark form to send you a message.

Salespanel captures the contact. All of his/her activities before and after being captured are logged.
From Salespanel’s chrome extension, you will receive a lead acquisition alert.
The contact’s detail will show “Identified Through: Olark.”
You can filter out live chat leads using Quick Filters or Feeds.

If an old lead who has already messaged you before you installed Salespanel’s tracker visits again, he will also be identified.

Lead capture from live chat software is only available in Growth plan and above.
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