Salespanel can track leads from email campaigns you send using email marketing tools like MailChimp, Convertkit etc.

Here are the steps:

If you have the Salespanel browser extension installed, visit the website of the email marketing software of your choice.
You will see a green check on the Salespanel plugin icon, which would mean the software is supported.
Enter the link of the URL that you want to be tracked and click on Track This URL.

The trackable link will be generated. Copy the link and add it to a new email campaign or update an existing one and save it.

That’s it. Leads from your email campaigns will be tracked.

Salespanel will capture lead's web activity as soon as they click on the tracking URL. Their profile will be enriched and pushed to your custom feeds. Salespanel will also trigger data to all kind of triggers. ( Pipedrive, Zapier, Browser, Email )

If you wish to track multiple URLs in the same email, generate tracking for each link separately and add them.
If you don’t have the Salespanel browser extension, you can generate trackable link from the Newsletter Tracking card from the Plugins & Integrations section.
If your Email Marketing software is not listed, please contact us and we will help you out.
Mailchimp shows a “Please enter a valid URL” prompt. Please disregard it and click Save & Close.
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