To capture and track visitors on your website and identify visiting companies, you will need to install the Salespanel tracking code on your website.

You will be prompted to install the tracking code after you sign up. You can also do it by visiting this link:

On the installation page, click on Add a Site and submit the URL of your website.

A tracking code will be generated. Please copy the code.

On a custom built website, paste the code inside the head element (<head> </head>) of your website.

After installation, click on the Verify Tracking Code button to verify if the installation was successful. You can also test this manually by visiting your website from a different browser, device or incognito mode and check if the session was recorded under All Anonymous Visitors.

The tracking code can be installed on all type of websites (eg: Wordpress, Drupal, Wix etc.).

For instructions on installing the code on Wordpress, please follow this guide.

Once the tracking code is installed, Leads and Opportunities will start getting captured and tracked. Here is a video tutorial showing how to install the tracking code and how leads start appearing on your dashboard.

Let us know if you need any help.
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