If you run PPC campaigns, it is important to track leads coming from them to measure quality and segment leads.

Salespanel tracks search terms and UTM sources for all of your leads.

You can track visitors from Google Ads by adding ValueTrack parameters on your Google Ads.

The ValueTrack template is a string that gets attached to your link. The template starts with {lpurl} and is followed by the parameters you want to track (eg: {lpurl}?device={device} ).

With these parameters enabled, Salespanel will know which campaign, ad group or ad copy the visitor saw and what they searched for before finding your website. You can also segment visitors captured on Salespanel based on these parameters. For example, you can create a separate feed for users who searched for “business loan” from UK.

The most commonly used parameters are:

{campaignid} = Identify the campaign from where a visitor came from
{adgroupid} = Identify the ad group
{creative} = Identify the specific ad your visitor saw
{keyword} = The keyword which visitor searched for to see this ad.

To track campaign id, adgroup id, ad id and keyword, you will need to use this parameter:

There are more parameter options available. To learn more, go here: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2375447?co=ADWORDS.IsAWNCustomer%3Dfalse&hl=en

Adding custom parameters on your Google Ads

You can set up parameters on your account level, campaign level or ad level.

Account Level
Setting up on account level will activate tracking for every campaign in your account. To do this, log in to your Google Ads account and go to Settings>Account Settings>Tracking. Add the tracking template and Save.

Campaign Level
To do this for a particular campaign, click the campaign. Go to Settings>Additional Settings>Campaign URL options and add the string under “Tracking Template” and save.

Ad Level
You can also choose to add tracking template for specific ads only. To do so, you will have an option while creating the ad. Click on “Ad URL Options” and add the tracking template.

How it looks on Salespanel
When you open contact details of a visitor from Google Ads and check Acquisition History, you will notice the tracked details mentioned under UTM Params.

Creating Feeds based on parameters

To create seperate Feeds for users who visit from a particular keyword, campaign or ad, go to our Feed creation section.

On the URL Visited field, add the desired keyword/ad group id/content id/campaign id and select match type Contains and save.

Visitors matching parameter criteria will be added to this Feed.

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