You can use Salespanel to track visitors from your email marketing campaigns. To track visitors, the Call to Action (CTA) link from the email body needs to be converted to a Salespanel trackable link. If you have multiple URLs in your emails, you can convert and track all of them.

When a lead clicks the Salespanel tracked URL, a contact is created on your Salespanel account and his/her activities are logged. If the contact already exists on your Salespanel account, the session will be merged.

There are two steps involved in the process:
Converting the CTA link to a trackable URL.
Adding the trackable URL to the email body.

Converting the CTA link to a trackable URL

Visit the Plugins & Integrations section in your Salespanel account and click the Setting button on the Newsletter Click Tracking card.

A pop-up will open. Enter the URL you want to track and click Update. Trackable links for all email marketing tools will be generated. Identify the Mailchimp link and click Copy.

The trackable URL will be copied.

Tip: As a shortcut, you can attach the string ?utm_source=mailchimp&sp_em=*|EMAIL|* at the end of the link you wish to track. For example, becomes*|EMAIL|* .

Adding the trackable link to the email body

While creating the email campaign, add the trackable link to the button you expect leads to click on. You can also update existing campaigns and replace older URLs with the newly generated URLs.
You will get a “Please enter a valid URL” prompt. Click Save & Close.

Leads from your Mailchimp campaigns will show source as Mailchimp. You can use Quick Filters and Feeds to segment leads from Mailchimp.
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