For segmenting leads based on lead data, Salespanel has a feature called Feeds. Feeds helps you segment and qualify your leads in real-time.

In this article, we will discuss how you can set up Feeds using the available data options. To know about how you can use Feeds to qualify and filter high-quality leads, please refer to this article.

Setting up Feeds

Visit the Feeds section from the left side panel on your dashboard.
Click on Create Feed to start creating your Feed.
On the Feed creator, you will find a variety of data attributes that you can use to filter out your leads. You can also use a combination of multiple data filters for one Feed. The data attributes available for feed creation are:

Lead Source: The source from which lead visited or the UTM tracking parameter used for the landing page
City: The city from which the lead visited.
Region: Geographical region from where a lead visited.
Country: The country from which the lead visited.
Last activity in (days): The last time a lead was tracked while performing an activity. Use this filter to filter out active/inactive leads.
Contact type: Filter out contacts based on contact types (Leads, Visiting Companies, Anonymous Visitors).
Email address: Filter based on email address.
URL visited: Filter based on desired URL visit (example: Pricing page visit).
Email opened: Filter based on how many emails a lead opened.
Open an email with subject: Filter based on if a lead has opened an email with a particular subject.
Website visits: Filter based on how many times a lead has visited your website.
Company Size: Filter based on company size.
Form submitted on URL: Filter based on forms lead submit on your website.
Lead Score: Filter based on lead score. Use this option to filter out leads who have high/low lead scores.
Assigned to: Filter leads based on which team members they are assigned to.

Once you have selected the desired filters, click Save Feed to save the Feed. You can also get a quick preview by clicking the Preview button.

That’s it. When a lead shows characteristics relevant to the Feed, he/she will be added to it in real-time.

After completing the steps, you will be directed to Feed Notification Preferences. This is an optional setup that you can complete to notify yourself or your team about leads who are qualified for a Feed. You can choose to set up browser notifications or email notifications. To set up notifications to other 3rd party applications (like Slack), you will need to use our Zapier integration.
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