Salespanel is a pluggable software that easily integrates with your existing sales and marketing tools. Salespanel integrates with Freshsales to send leads and customers that are captured by Salespanel directly into your CRM.

What is Freshsales CRM?

Freshsales is a customer relationship management platform created by the company Freshdesk. Freshsales is a sales focused CRM that emphasizes on sales lead tracking and management. Freshdesk is a great solution for sales teams to sell to new leads and engage with existing customers.
How does Freshsales integrate with Salespanel?
Freshsales integrates with Salespanel using Zapier. Zapier is an automation solution that is supported by almost all major sales and marketing applications. Both Salespanel and Freshsales support Zapier. Salespanel and Freshsales can be connected with Zapier for free.

What can I do after integrating Salespanel with Freshsales?

Export all individual leads or marketing qualified leads to your CRM. Fill your pipeline with sales-ready leads.
Export lead data and lead score to your CRM. Empower your sales team with all the data they need to close the deals.
Export qualified anonymously visiting companies to your CRM along with their data.

Getting Started with Freshsales Integration

To set up the integration, open the Workflow Automation settings from the Plugins & Integrations section on your Salespanel account. Follow the instructions and complete the account setup. To know more details about Zapier setup and Salespanel trigger possibilities, please refer to this article. A useful automation sequence can be sending sales qualified leads from Salespanel to Freshsales CRM using Zapier.

Salespanel and Freshsales

Once you select a Salespanel trigger, you will need to select an Action. If you want to create multiple workflows, you will have to create a ‘Zap’ for each workflow. Here are the Actions supported by Freshsales:

Create Lead: You can use this Action to export prospects that are captured on your Salespanel account to your Freshsales account. A lead and his business information will be exported from Salespanel.

Create Deal: To take a lead through your sales pipeline, you will need to create a deal. You can set up a sequence to import leads from Salespanel and automatically create a deal. This trigger is useful for transferring qualified leads straight into the sales pipeline.

Create Account: An account is a prospect company that you want to sell to. All leads and contacts who are part of the business will be associated with the account. With this trigger, you can create accounts for interested companies that have been identified by Salespanel.

Create Contact: Contacts are individuals associated with the prospect company. Ideally, these are the individuals that are captured from your lead forms, live chat software and email campaigns by Salespanel. With this trigger, you can send these contacts to your Freshsales account and create a ‘Contact’.

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