Yes, you can hide a company from your Visiting Companies dashboard. Salespanel provides you an option to hide leads that are irrelevant to you.

Individuals and small companies visit using a personal IP addresses instead of business IP addresses often show up as internet service providers (ISPs). For example, an individual using a personal connection from Verizon can be detected as Verizon. We do our best to blacklist as many ISPs as we can. But, with a large number of ISPs around the world, it is not efficient to hide all of them automatically. ISPs can show up on your Salespanel dashboard from time to time. You can hide these falsely detected companies.

You can also hide companies that don’t match your customer profile or those that are not of interest to you. Once you decide to hide a company, they won’t be tracked again and will be removed from your Salespanel dashboard.

Salespanel does not charge based on the number of identified companies. So, you are NOT charged for irrelevant leads or ISPs. Hiding leads improves your user experience but does not have any impact on billing.

To hide a company, here is what to do:

Go to the Visiting Companies section on from your dashboard.

Open the contact details of the lead you wish to hide or hover over it and click on the magnifier button to open quick view.

From the contact details page or quick view pop up, click on the Hide button.

Select the reason for hiding and press Hide.

That’s it. If you need any help or have any questions, please contact us through live chat or .
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