Yes. You can add team members on your Salespanel account.

Team members can look at all leads or at only leads assigned to them.
Owner account can assign leads to team members.
Once assigned the team member will receive activity alerts from that lead.
Email tracking is separate for every team member.

Add your team members and designate leads to them. They will receive activity alerts for this lead now.

To add your team member, go to the Team section.

Click on Add Team Member.
You will be prompted to invite a team member. Enter their email and click Invite.
Your team member will get an invite through email. The team member needs to follow the link in the email and complete the signup.
You can choose if you want to provide access to all contacts or to only assigned contacts.

Assign leads.

To assign any visiting company or any identified lead, please go to the detail profile page and use "Assign" button. You can also use quick view for a faster access to the "Assign" button.

Team members can only receive notifications from leads that are assigned to them.
If one team member tracks a new lead from email, that lead's profile will be created in your identified feed, enriched and automatically assigned to the sender team member.
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